About Us

Savour the gastronomic specialties prepared by our celebrity master chef from Hong Kong. With signature dishes ranging from traditional recipes of Braised Superior Shark’s Fins Soup , Specialty “Monk Jump Over The Wall” with Shark’s Fried Fish Maw, Deep Fried Pigeon-Hong Kong Style (Import from Hong Kong) , Bakes Goose Feet with Brown Sauce Sea Cucumber with Brown Sauce, Hong Kong Stir Fried Chinese Kale ,Deep Fried Silver Fish in A Batter (Hong Kong Recipe) Etc. This specialty restaurant warmly welcomes all honourable guests with its clean , elegant and yet spacious ambience occupying. Luxurious V.I.P. rooms with a seating capacity of 4,8,10,12, or 15 guests are available for your private dining pleasures. Ideal private function rooms with a maximum seating capacity of five round tables for Chinese Lunch or Dinner with the convenience of an access to one hundred (150) car parking lots


Sumptuously Mouthful of delicious Buffet Dim Sum-Hong Kong Style Wide Selection of Stream and Deep Fried Dishes Awaiting for you valued patronage and gastronomic taste - buds Open Daily from 11.30 am. - 2.30 pm. And 6.30 pm. - 10.30 pm. Special price 580.- net/person

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